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We are pleased to offer you the Smart Energy Future courses for all grades. Our lessons provide detailed instructions and guidelines that you can further customize based on your students’ abilities.

The course is broken up into two units. Each unit will:

  1. Engage students in learning how the smart grid will be beneficial for them and their communities in an exciting way.
  2. Enable students to see how the smart grid may present career and professional opportunities for them in a fast-growing technological industry, and be on the cutting edge of worldwide energy transformation.
  3. Show educators and teachers how they can connect their course work to real world issues that impact everyone’s daily life – how we use and consume energy.

Overview of the program

  • All materials for course are found in the course outline including class room and homework exercises. 
  • The program length, in days, is based on 50-minutes lesson plans
  • Unit 1 is a seven-day program
  • The focuses of Unit 1 are understanding energy basics and the benefits of the smart grid. Students will develop materials that will educate others in their communities about the concepts of the smart grid and its potential benefit.
  • Unit 2 is a five-day program
  • The focus of Unit 2 is on exploring careers and job profiles for the smart grid industry.
  • Each program can be further customized for your class. The lesson plan has suggestions for further learning. We also encourage you to visit the tool box; this will give you additional resources and ideas to enhance the program.

To get a better understanding of the program and what is involved, we have provided the curriculum and a short video for your review.

Smart Energy Future Curriculum Unit 1: Benefits of a Smart Grid
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Smart Energy Future Curriculum Unit 2: Careers in the Smart Grid Industry
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Smart Energy Future Curriculum Unit 3: Solar Energy
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