Teachers Testimonials

  • “My students now know what renewable and non-renewable energy is, and the advantages and
      disadvantages of each. My students knew nothing about what the Smart Grid was, and now they
      know what it is, the advantages, and it is important for their ecological and consumer future.”
  • “My students really began to look at energy as a resource to be managed...I fully believe in their lifetime
      they will see the widespread use of the smart grid.”
  • “I think that since my students are quite technology savvy, they saw this as an evolution of technology
      in the home.”
  • “My middle school students handled this unit very well.”
  • “This lesson is great for an into to green energy. It was very easy for my students.”
  • “Students really enjoy learning about energy sources since it is practical and relevant to every-day life.
      The household inventory is always an eye-opening experience for both students and parents.”
  • “Career development is essential to 7th and 8th grade students and this is a great fit with my middle
      school students.”
  • “We enjoyed the video spots to watch. This a great resource and I appreciate the list.”
  • “Interview skills were something that they needed to practice. They also seemed confident about their skills
  • “The suggestions and rubric for conducting an interview was excellent.”